Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Neil's Coffee Shop The Club Sandwich

As the weather begins to chill my spine my range of motion slows to the effect of "if i'm going out, just get the essentials" which translates to about a ten block radius for whatever I need. Believe me i've got this mapped out to a T! Nevertheless cold weather is cold weather and I can't stand it!

There's one thing I can't live without and that's a good club sandwich. I was going to start a blog called "Club Sandwich" but nixed the idea fearing sandwich overload. At Neil's Coffee shop on Lexington and 70th St they've got a pretty good one and they whip it fast out of the kitchen. The sandwich has a even balance of lettuce, tomato and bacon and the whole wheat toast is toasted not burned. Best way to wreck a sandwich? Burn the toast!

As for the mayonnaise and cole slaw it's not the worst but no the best either, I don't think there's Helman's in those paper cups but what ever it was worked fine. With the ice tea it's around a $20 meal, but with coffee shops few and far between in this area finding this place is like an oasis.

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