Saturday, September 7, 2013

Parke & Ronen S/S 2014

My my my, how times flies by! I can remember being in Miami for swim week and this line showed roughly 10 years ago and look at Parke & Ronen now! What was once swim suits for men has now turned into a full scale mens wear line which they have been doing for a few years now and from the looks they showed; they might have hit the fashion daily double!

Some of the suits might be aimed for the "boys club" but many of their other looks work well for the straight fashion conscious men out there, I know there are not many, but they do exist. One thing that's positive is their price point, it's current trend style clothing that does not break the bank and is easily digestible for men in general. Furthermore it's nice to see this line still chugging along since mens wear in general is a very tough market.

  Photos: R.Spiegel

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