Saturday, May 25, 2013

The LG WM3455HW Combo Washer/Dryer Review

Well there has to be a first for everything, well some things! I know, I know I should be teling you about some hot new clothing line or jewelry but I just have to tell the world about my new acquisition. Years ago when I moved into my apartment it came with a washer/dryer combo from a company caled Malbar an outfit out of Italy. After six months the problems started to arise like the dryer function crapped out and soon after that the damm thing started to leak soap and water all over my floor?? The company was so good there was ONE phone number for service and they never answered the phone! Long story short there out of business!

But at last, my love has come along in the form of the LG "WM3455HW". I won't bore you with the drama that went along in getting this lil honey to my front door but after the guy hooked this up, I'm very impressed!

This machine has more options than a $200 vibrator for a woman! For that kind of action it should give you the world and more and guess what, it does!!!

The washing features alone impress me to no end; Perm Press, Cotton/Normal.Bulky/Large, Sanitary, BABY WEAR(yes Baby wear), Delicates, Hand Wash, Speed Wash and Drain Spin. Now if this is not enough to make any person smile I don't know what will.

The machine states its a "HE" unit which stands for High Efficiency and should use a special "he" soap but I have been doing fine with regular powder.

So far I have run three loads through it and its performing like a well oiled machine, its quiet and is a direct drive motor which means there are no belts and provides better tork when spinning. Even if the dryer function is not used the clothing comes out damp dry and not wet.

Just to guide you in buying these kind of machines they are not designed to dry clothing since some models do not have a venting feature which this one does not have. If you would like to run your machine for three hours to dry your clothing be my guest, but its best to use this and all washer/dryer units as just a washing machine, believe you will save the motor and your aggravation levels. Overall this is a wonderful machine made by a reputable company!


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