Friday, April 19, 2013

Loehmann's supports Friend Movement

Photos: Totally Cool International

On April 19th Loehmann's in New York City played host to a shopping event to support Friend Movement, an innovative anti-bullying organization. The event open to the public was a huge success with shoppers enjoying a 25% discount after they made a $5 donation.

Among the featured men's labels where: Life after Denim,Seven7, Buffalo and True Religion just to name a few. For those who needed help with clothing advice the room was attended with men's fashion bloggers Closet Freaks and Scout Sixteen.

Friend Movement is a grass roots organization to help show anti-bully images with such A-list people like Ryan Forbes, Tim Gunn, Adam Lambert and LeAnn Rimes. The awareness campaign is designed to invoke inspiration and conversation, there also is a feature film in the works.

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