Monday, April 8, 2013

Brian Wood Blacktop Astronauts

Photos: R.Spiegel

Brain Wood has been in the fashion game for quite some time but has been flying under the radar, granted one can't keep track of everybody; his sense of urban mens street style is quite appealing. From some past information gathered via the web Mr. Wood had been designing more hip-hop street clothing with a twist by infusing iconic cultural references in his clothing, but sometimes things have to change.

Blacktop astronauts his latest collection shows this change in a major way, in effect directing his customer to a more grown up style of dressing. In truth we can't all or want to be kids forever and this collection pulls a modern aspect to grown up hip hop style dress.

Two important things stand out for this line, one he is working with a limited color palette and two its a small collection in general, focusing on outerwear and separate pieces. By delivering a smaller line it takes the guess work out of picking styles and does not overwhelm his customers. I mean let's be honest most regular guys don't want to spend hours and hours pouring over racks of clothes. For more information head over to

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