Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daniel Vosovic Fall 2013 After The Love Is Gone...

For fall Daniel Vosovic showed a strong collection that should make most women happy. There's a strong motorcycle jacket and some great slacks and prints. From the looks of it there's some nice fabric choices which make things seem well tailored and I love well tailored clothing period! But my one question is why did Mr. Vosovic decide to show a month after the tents came down in Lincoln Center?

Fashion week is a much different monster then what it was twelve years ago and for those of us who have put in the years we have all seen the changes; and its not for the better. Time slots are triple or quadruple booked, fashion GPS technology has for some (myself included) made fashion week harder to control and the show week is just as Rachel Zoe might say "cray cray, bananas"!!

Was this a simple choice or was this a cold hard reality slap to Mr. Vosovic basically stating that if he were to show during fashion week, his chances of getting a crowd or getting exposure were next to nil? Much like a horse handicapper trying to pick the winner of a 21 horse field and all the horses threats, in effect "passing the race".

With this decision being made to show a month after fashion week ended in New York City, as to writing this review I see only two other reviews that posted up on google. Truth be told Daniel HAD to do something! One does not let potentially $20K die on the view by not showing their collection. But with the full season now over, the editors, buyers and photographers are burnt out and probably don't want to see anything fashion related for at least a month and as for buyers spending coffers there probably dried up for the season. So with all this, the question remains why or is there something bigger going on here.

"If Mr. Vosovic had buyers come into his studio during fashion week and place orders then this was a chance for him to "show the collection" for the sake of showing it, but if there were no buyers then this might have been a exercise in futility." as stated by Phillip D Johnson editor of when asked about this topic.

By Mr. Vosovic doing what he's done actions speak louder than words, the fashion industry in the respect of fashion week is broken. More times than not young designers have already lost the race before they show their collections, due to the fact of a over booked fashion week calendar. One has to be crazy to show between a block of major designers since the A List crowd is going to those shows while the B and C list plus crashers venture to other shows.

My long standing idea is to extend fashion week but it seems the Jewish holidays either colide or come to close to when London begins but in the end something should be done. I don't feel its fair for any designer to not have a fair shot of showing a collection. Granted some have deeper pockets then other but something has to give!

Daniel Vosovic is a good designer and he's been around at least eighth to ten years but by showing after fashion week has ended speaks volumes to a bigger issue at hand. All men might be created equal but are all fashion designers?

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