Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alvin Valley "The king of Pants" Returns...Online

After a four year break from the fashion industry Alvin Valley returns with a revamped website to sell his new collection to the masses.

Mr.Valley staked his fashion acclaim back in 2001 and was the go to designer to celebrities and society girls for a number of years. His iconic pants revolutionized the cut and silhouette via enhancing a woman's behind, thusly gaining the catch phrase "Wonder Butt".

His new website offers all the classic style which made him famous as well fresh new designs.

What makes this launch interesting is that while the luxury forecast is pointed downward Mr. Valley is coming it at price points around $400.00 which lands him in the Affordable Luxury category.

Some might view this as expensive, but my view is that it's investment dressing and well worth the money. He might have taken a four year vacation, but from this designers past performance he may just come in and win it all!

Photos: Alvin Valley courtesy of
collection shots: Laforce&Stevens

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