Friday, June 1, 2012

The Hilbert Project Fall 2012- On The Radar

It seems that most fashion designers are driven by some sort of inspiration, may it be a muse,destination or movie the choices are endless but it seems there's one designer who might not subscribe to this line of thinking?! Enter Schjanna Rydenour, a designer based in Brooklyn New York. By day she acts as a designer for other companies who are in need of design flair but the Hilbert Project has been in production for two seasons and looks upon "easy dressing with style" as the guideline for this house. An added bonus is the price point with most pieces hovering under $400. The concept of easy stylish pieces makes a day to evening switch effortless. While the style factor is not over the top which is a good thing the clothes allow one to utilize accessories, and who does not love that?! There's a lot to like about this line, but like all designers it's an uphill climb some make it, some don't. To view the current collection click here

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