Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mimi Plange Fall 2012


It wasn't easy for me to get going this morning with the death of Whitney Houston and twelve degree weather in New York city; but a good designer will motivate me to move! Mimi Plange is that designer who I have been following for a few seasons and for Fall has has not disappointed and in fact has produced a very focused collection. The things to take note from Ms. Plange is that her pieces are well constructed and she shows a focus/direction in her offerings. She showed around twenty looks but working in a limited color palette brings in the focus factor, she's not all over the place! The cherry on the sunday is her collaboration with shoe designer Manolo Blanik. I am quite sure that Mr. Blanik does not do shoes for just anybody so this is yet another sign that Ms. Plange is on the right design track.

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Cathy of Eye Puffiness said...

Love this stuffs looks so gorgeous!