Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's a first for me that I do a review for a fashion magazine but for some reason I had a interest what was going to produce first time on the news stands. The cover photograph is a tad soft and grainy which was not a good sign for me. For $15.00, well that was another shocker as well but I paid the man and off I went with my issue.

In short the magazine is worth the investment since its only going to be produced two times a year, Spring & Fall seasons. The quality of the magazine is on par or better than its european competition. The paper stock is more like first degree card stock. As for the photography there's a good bit of Tommy Ton's street shots and a decent peppering of global runway. Its more of a giant look book and pages of "whats hot" or "what we like", you know 20 different handbags for the season etc etc.

My local fashion news stand was sold out of it but on the subscription level there giving it to you for half price! I already mailed in my card for the next two issues.

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