Friday, October 21, 2011

Jill Milan Cruelty Free Luxury Bag Collection

A new comer to the luxury handbag world is Jill Milan with her cruelty free bag and accessories collection. Based in california Jill has presented a small but striking line of bags and clutches for todays luxury consumer. This being her first time out of the starting gate the color palette is restricted to neutral, black and red. The bags are produced in Florence Italy and are 100% leather-free, there is no animal usage of any kind. Her signature bag dubbed the "Thoroughbred" is done is chocolate and has a secondary function since each sale of this bag; a proceed will go to the rescue of retired race horses who are in jeopardy of being sent to slaughter houses. For myself this strikes a chord since my family has been involved in the thoroughbred industry for fifty years.At present the collection can be purchased at The price range for her pieces fall between $450 to around $3,000.

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Anonymous said...

i love that red clutch and the fact that she donates to horses being rescued is so amazing! great post