Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Siki Im S/S 2011

The inspiration for the 2011 Siki Im mens collection was Xenophobia: the uncontrollable fear of foreigners along with the notion of isolation and integration driven by the physical, emotional, and political context of immigration. The collection was shown in all places a parking garage while pre-show militant rap music played in the background, we spotted a vintage silver jaguar to hot wire if we needed a get away car!

In all our years of covering fashion shows this is the first time we came across an inspiration such as this. As for the clothing the feeling we came away with was somewhat of a Japanese "urban kimono" as well somewhat feminine with a few of the looks. More important, we tried to wrap our brain around who the Siki Im customer is and we came up blank! The best pieces to this collection were their hand tailored blazers done in super 130 wool. We might be wrong but fashion inspiration should revolve around a theme, location, a person,  not a way of thinking. Delving into Xenophobia for inspiration is very deep and it seems the design house of Siki Im over analyzed it.

Photos: Richard Spiegel

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