Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rosa Cha S/S 2011

Years ago Rosa Cha was the hottest show during New York fashion week. The house showed in the biggest space, used the top models and was one of the hottest invitation for the week but a few things have changed over the years. Long time designer Amir Slama has walked away and Alexandre Herchcovitch has taken over the design direction. Their spring show was shown in the smallest space for a runway show and it showed to a half filled house, standing guest filled in the seats to make it full. As the suits came down the runway it seemed the same print fabrics was being used and nothing was changing which made the show boring and called into question the new designers ability. Midway through the show the print changed but not by much only to change the style and color. By our account there were no "OMG that's hot" moments, which years ago was expected and delivered. In the end the sales numbers will determine if a new designer is put it place for this once great swimwear line.

Photos: Jennifer Polixenni

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