Monday, June 21, 2010

Douglas Hannant Resort 2011

The inspiration for Douglas Hannant's 2011 resort show was based on Palm Spring and Slim Aarons photos from the 1950's. Showing a full twenty nine piece collection he certainly delivered on his promise with a few extras as well. His black on white circular print pieces seemed to work the best and could have been the foundation for the whole collection. The time travel Palm Beach/Slim Aarons pieces where spot on but with Mr. Hannant's customer base of society ladies are they willing to go back in time to achieve this look? Also tossed in were multi-colored splatter print Jackson Pollack dresses which reminded us of his Basquiat Fall collection from last season, potential extras to fill in this collection?   By far his best work are the simple pieces he creates, his pants are to die for and his jackets retain that silhouette he's perfected all these years but twenty nine pieces could have been edited down to nineteen and been much more meaningful to his audience.

Runway Photos: Edward Le Poulin

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