Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caswell-Massey New Mens Shaving Line

Shaving for most men is a daily event with not much fun and with not the right equipment can be a task that's done more than once. Over the past five years many companies have produced products for the shaving ritual, some great some not! The new Caswell-Massey 1752 line we can proudly place in the great category. We used two products: "Pre-shave oil and Lather shave creme". The first and aspect to this line is the Almond scent infused inside, there's no off putting smell and in truth makes us think of pastries when we opened it up.  The oil consistency is not to thick so application is smooth and easy and the shave cream goes on even and smooth, we used a shaving brush and did not have to apply that much to cover our face. The end result was a one application close shave. The trick to the shaving product is not to apply to much, doing so will "gunk up" your razor making you repeat the process.

All the products are priced under $20.00 and the 8 ounce shaving cream will last you a very long time when used with a shaving brush. For more information

The line can also be purchased at Studio beauty mix at FRED SEGAL, SANTA MONICA.

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