Thursday, June 10, 2010

Callula Lillibelle Resort 2011

The resort collection of Callula Lillibelle is a thought process of effortless dressing which goes from day to evening with most of their pieces. Overall the collection is small and focused with a restricted color pallete thusly allowing easy mix and match. Day looks range from flowing tops and smartly cut pants to colorful cocktail dresses for evening. A major draw to this line is the price point which is around $300 which in our opinion is very affordable and that the clothing is very well made. As we viewed the pieces, there were no threads hanging out and the seams of the clothes were well stitched! We feel that if your going to add to your wardrobe and make a semi-substantial investment it needs to be worth it, Callula Lilibelle shows investment potential!

Photos: Rodin Banica

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