Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oumlil F/W 2010

The Oumlil fall 2010 show was titled "shades of a man" with different colors representing emotion. Men might not be dressing via emotion but they are dressing for style and this is a very small segment in America since most men are clueless regarding fashion and sports have a higher prominence then looking good. Designer Hisham Oumlil it seems has gone in a new direction with his line for fall incorporating different fabrics and treatments to his jackets such as a diamond quilt pattern for a jacket and different colored lapels. While most mens designers seem to be playing it safe this season Mr. Oumlil is pushing the envelope with this collection. Our verdict is that its a risky move due to the current economic situation despite his private clientele. The ultimate victory would be having buyers ordering this collection for there stores but with mixed fabrics and patterns we feel this collection does not translate to the majority of men or women who might buy for their boyfriends/husbands. We have seen more focused collections in the past but we cannot fault a designer for trying new things. We feel his strongest outing for this collection are his overcoats which seem straight forward and very stylish.

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