Monday, September 21, 2009

Will McLeod S/S 2010

Will McLeod, a new comer to the fashion world presented just a four piece collection to gauge a response from editors and buyers on what he's doing. We had received a box earlier in the week from him outlining his history and past work experience which included a short stint with the Rodarte sisters. Mr. McLeod showed four cocktail/party dresses with basically the same style. It's a very good effort from this new talent but we hope that he discovers other aspects to fashion like day/evening wear, red carpet options and different fabric choices. As for his "girl" he's still wrapping his mind around that one, the $64,000.00 question took him time to answer which in five seconds gave us the answer, he's still searching. To his credit what he showed demonstrated that he can create beautiful clothes and styled the right way can be editorial pieces. He's off to a good start but we need to see more in February.

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