Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oumlil S/S 2010

Men's wear is a rough game in the fashion world since most men don't like to shop, don't know what looks good on them and would rather spend their money on anything besides clothing. For Hisham Oumlil the clothing he presented is for men who reflect the opposite. For Spring 2010 his inspiration draws from Wall Street and powerful men but with a flair for style and not $5,000.00 Armani suits. Sticking true to his design his clothing still has major edge in the tailoring department and his fabric choices allow him to create such great pieces. This collection is more in line for modern day and evening dressing and his color range can suit many different tastes. Mr. Oumlil boasts an international private client which has served him well but seeks the attention of retail buyers which we hope comes his way, but like we stated before men's fashion is a rough game.

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