Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Norman Ambrose S/S 2010

Norman Ambrose has been in the business for about two years and in a short amount of time has secured his young clothing line into Neiman Marcus but it's his first time showing his collection to the press. His focus; the ladies who lunch, the Palm beach society set. Many designers struggle to find their "girl" but Mr. Ambrose shows laser focus on who he's vying for regarding his designs. If you follow this type of customer there's a certain look that's achieved and Norman has it down! Before starting his line he worked at the house of Josie Natori.

Couture level hand beading, luxury finishing and a private clientele has Mr. Ambrose on our hot list of young new talent but there are other designers who are seeking the same attention from the ladies. The starting price points for his line start at $500 and range to $20,000.00 (couture level of course) but standard entry level for a full on look runs between $3,500.00 and $5,000.00. This compared to other high level designers comes in a tad low which may work in Mr. Ambrose's favor but it's a rough crowd and time will tell.

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