Friday, July 17, 2009

Tibi 2010 Swimwear

Kicking off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim was Tibi who has shown down in South Beach before. The collection is a wash of color with many suits done is a sixties inspired acid pattern. It’s a bit of a throw back in time but with her color scheme it works very well. The vibe of the collection is relaxed and not stuffy high end. High points to the collection where the Hot Lava Bikini which we view as her editorial suit as well the Roulette Bikini which had that bandana pattern feel. The only problem we had was at the very end where the last three looks we felt were not needed. The very last suit was a solid gold cut out Mailot which completely played against what we had seen in earlier looks. 

Overall the collection is worth the investment and was well executed with beautiful gold cuffs adorning the models, but in past seasons we have seen more cohesive collection from Tibi. 

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