Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belli Skincare Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator

The majority of exfoliators we have run across for skin possess two main components which we can't seem to avoid. The first is the size of the "grit" in a lotion, gel or mixture is large and feels like rubbing rocks across your skin. The second factor is the residue that is left behind after you have exfoliated your skin, which can be more times than not greasy, but we found a solution!

Belli Skincare has created their skin smoothing body exfoliator which has none of the problems listed about. The lines three main ingredients which are Green Tea which protect your skin, Ginsing which helps refines and counteracts dryness and other skin problems and Peppermint Oil to reduce pain makes using this product beneficial and enjoyable. The "grit factor" is small there is no hard rock feeling but the product does it's job and exfoliates! We also love the Peppermint oil which leaves the kin nicely scented, and there's no residue when you wash the product off. If your looking to but this great product it is carried at pottery barn kids, baby/maternity boutiques and fine spas. More information can be found at their site

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