Saturday, June 27, 2009

EO Shaving Products For Men

We got some new shaving products from the company EO, which is an organic company based out of California. The company has a full line of natural, organic items for all aspects of the skin and body.

We were given the opportunity to test run a few of their shaving items for men. The two products we tested were the EO shave cream and after shave splash. The shave cream pumps out in a light lotion and not much is needed to cover the face. When shaving there is a definite low drag resistance regarding the razor. This translates into a smooth shave and the razor glides over your face. Since the product is a lotion and not a heavy cream the razor does not build up with product. The company's low suds lather concept thusly allows for a closer shave. Additional ingredients like soy proteins , aloe vera, vitamin A&E aid in tissue repair for the skin.

EO's Tea Tree & Lemon after shave is a alcohol and paraben free product which incorporates witch hazel, algae and mugwort, which are healing properties for the skin. The infusion of tea tree and jojoba act as a natural moisturizer. The after shave is non-stinging and has a pleasant lemon scent when applied. 

We like the fact that EO has incorporated natural ingredients into their line of products and the company is serious about good skin care. Another reason why we are supporting this line is that they offer their products at a very reasonable price point. The majority of their shaving line runs just under ten dollars and with their shave cream, weighing in at 5 fl oz, your getting a lot of product for your money.

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