Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Douglas Hannant Resort 09/10

We had the chance to view the resort collection from Douglas Hannant which drew it's inspiration from a gypsy Bohemian theme. As usual Mr. Hannant provides his ladies with options for the season such as stovepipe pants and light fabric dresses done in light sherbet colors. To note, a new aspect to his design is the mix of print and geometric patterns. Along side the outfit's; jewelry and shoes made an appearance which will be available in August alongside his street level store located in the Plaza lobby on 59Th Street in New York City.

No matter what the season maybe Mr. Hannant possess a few things that makes his clothing such a success! A loyal customer base, a commitment of providing looks for his ladies and a level of consistency we have never seen with any other designer. This combination makes Douglas Hannant the go to designer for the society set.  

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