Saturday, May 2, 2009

Arrojo Hair Products

If you have seen TLC's "What Not To Wear" you know Nick Arrojo the master stylist who helps women with their hair issues. Here at The Fashion Tribune, the relationship with Nick spans over ten years; but with all that time that's passed we never did a review of his products?!

After making contact with Arrojo PR, we were sent six items but for this review we used only four. The items we put under the microscope where: Daily Shampoo & Conditioner, Texture paste and hair gel. Starting with the shampoo the first thing we noticed was the consistency which is not to thick and yet no to thin and came out of the bottle just fine, if you find yourself fighting with any product to release it, it maybe a signal for good or ill. While using the shampoo the consistency is a "low suds" formula which translates to, your not having mountians of shampoo suds on top of your head; something we like when using any shampoo. After only one rinse our hair came out squeaky clean. This is another signal of a good product! If your have to wash your hair twice all your doing is stripping nutrients from your scalp. We followed with the conditioner and the consistency is right on target! No fighting and coated our hair with a even layer. we left this in for around 3 minutes and washed out quickly and felt very conditioned.

We moved on to our favorite aspect of haircare "styling", we first started with the hair gel. Again the consistency is great and when applied ran through our hair with little effort (another good sign) and gave us the look we were after. For good measure and being self confessed product junkies we tossed in the Texture Paste which only added more hold for our look. Overall we got what we wanted but wished there was a hair spray to finish the styling.

Now with Mr. Arrojo's history and track record as a hair stylist he could be charging you an arm and a leg for his products, but to the contrary his entire line is very affordable. What we love about Nick is that he's all about hair and always has been. Television shows are great but his heart and business lies with his expert knowledge being a awesome hair stylist! As for the products there worth the investment and they won't break the bank. For more information on Arrojo Studio and to order head over to if your looking for the salon it's located on 180 Varick St. Phone number: 212-242-7791

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