Friday, April 3, 2009

Oribe's New Product Line- The Wait is Over!

Most people have not heard of Oribe and have no concept of the magnitude he has placed on the fashion world over the years, being one of the creative hands who created the "Supermodels" of the 1990's. All of those wonderful hairstyles can be attributed to his creative direction which transformed fashion forever, and he's still at it. Most of the fashion editorials one sees in major fashion magazines are his creation, as well the ad campaigns and celebrities he styles. What has us buzzing, is his new line of haircare products which have just been released.

Upon calling in for a few samples we were very ready to hair test this new line. We received four products: Signature Shampoo & Conditioner, Superfine Hairspray and Rock Hard Gel. This was a perfect combination for us since we have short curly hair which we use tons of products to obtain a certain look.

The Signature Shampoo had a perfect consistency and was a low suds formula. When we washed this out it left our hair clean, there was no need to wash a second time! The Signature conditioned we left in our hair for around three minutes and when washed out our hair felt different and conditioned.

For the styling part we applied the Rock Hard Gel which came out of the tube more like a cream then a clear gel we are most accustomed to with other products. The gel was a great consistency and took well to our curly hair and set our style with little effort on our part. As for the Superfine Hair Spray the first ting we noted was the spray nozzle was slanted slightly up, so the spray shoots out in a upward direction. After drying the style held perfectly!

It is obvious that the research and development into the line was massive and extensive and it shows with every product Oribe has. Granted the line is a tad on the expensive side we feel this new line from Oribe is worth its weight in gold! You don't need alot of the product to achieve whatever look you desire. Remember beauty comes at a price which we firmly believe in because in the words of Karl Lagerfeld "If your cheap, nothing helps", and when it comes to a woman's hair nobody should every neglect themselves of quality hair products. In the final analysis this is it, the search is over, these products deliver! More information on his line can be found on his site

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