Sunday, March 1, 2009

Douglas Hannant Fall 2009

Knowing your customer and giving them what they possibly desire is a vital component within the fashion industry. For Fall 2009 Douglas Hannant provided this flawlessly sending down a collection worthy of the society ladies he dresses. For a designer who as to date, has spent no money on advertising, has no free standing stores; Mr. Hannant has proven that great form fitting designs win out in the end, and his ladies come out in full force to support him as do we.

Knowing fully well his customer does not want to look like all the rest, Douglas send down a full range of color for fall with black,grey,raspberry and blue just name a few. As we viewed the collection we noted a number of editorial pieces we hope to see in the pages of major magazines come September issues. Our picks were his Black/White Prince of Wales suit, the deep forest leather Wrap coat with Silver Tip Raccoon Collar over Black/White Hounds tooth Stove Pipe pant. The Red Carpet looks include his Blue Metallic Lace Gown and his Brown Sequined/Silk Chiffon One Shoulder Gown. But the one that swept us away was the Peacock Feather Dress.

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