Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oumlil Spring 2009

The menswear design house of Oumlil sent us a press book of their Spring 2009 looks and needless to say we are very impressed with what we saw as we flipped through their look book. Hisham Oumlil a designer who hails from Cassablanca Morocco and is a new addition to the menswear scene. Unlike other menswear designers who either have no concept of who their customer is or are playing it safe with repetitive collections Mr. Oumlil has a vision and a design direction which makes men look just plain sharp!

The Spring offering is a collection of metallic which is still a forceful trend and soft colored relaxed looks. There are a few nods to the 1980's ( a decade we grew up in)which brings us back to that shift in fashion when designers broke away from the 70's with better tailored pieces. We love his range of suits and they seem to be cut well with slight design changes which break them apart of more traditional suiting. As for his separates, they are playful and offer a limited color range, a smart decision in our opinion for a relatively new designer. Yet we find another menswear designer who is on a path to potential greatness. For more information on this emerging designer

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