Friday, September 12, 2008

Christian Cota Spring 2009

Christian Cota’s Spring 2009 presentation’s theme is based on light, primarily dealing with sunsets. It’s very light and airy with ombre touches throughout every piece. Mr. Cota, a painter before he chose the path of designer knows his colors very well and uses them with a delicate touch like a great painter should. Another inspiration to the collection was the works by Renoir. Cota notes there is no black in the collection and a quote by Christian states” If you look at Renoir’s work, all the shadow comes from playing colors against each other, so I worked with print and embellishment and draping and layering to suggest the way the light shifts on objects, transforming them. Light is never just light. It’s impression. It’s illusion”. This designer is on our radar screen and proves to us that there might be the Bryant park tents, but the real fashion is off-site and we’ve found it!

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