Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hollywould 2009 Cruise Collection

Creative director Holly Dunlap knows how to produce a cruise collection! We have always believed and have stated before that cruise/resort are destination clothes with a clear focus in mind. Well Ms. Dunlap has the focus for 2009, her collection has a full range of just about everything a woman could want for the cruise season. The colors for her collection range from sand to mango and rainbow sherbet ice cream.

What sets this collection apart from others is the full range that she has which includes shoes and bags. These pieces pull together a complete look for the cruise season which other designers fail to create may it be financial or otherwise. Prints and python skins can be found in the collection and with these additions it shows that Holly Dunlap does her homework and has got radar screen tuned to what's hot in the ever changing fashion market. If Hollywould was a stock it's a strong "buy" in our opinion.

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