Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nicholai by Nikki Hilton Spring 2008

Nikki Hilton is no stranger to fashion, she’s been going to shows, modeled in shows and has produced a handbag line which has been a big hit. Her Spring 2008 collection can be summed up with it’s pretty much perfect. Like a 2 yr old racehorse in training with bloodlines of royalty and trained by the best, then entered into a million dollar stakes race, she ran a collection from gate to wire!

She knows who her customer is and has delived a “full house” for her style consious ladies with functional stylish pieces. There nothing fru-fru here and her color selection has a good range. It’s clear the time she spent at design school has paid off. For a first time on the runway with her new collection Nikolai, it’s a sucuess!

Photos by: Mercedes-Benz fashion week

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