Monday, August 27, 2007

Karma From California

Karma a new california brute style beverage will debut in New York for the style 360 shows, the alternative fashion week spot which will be showcasing eight hot designers and one design house to showcase their Spring 2008 lines.

Crisp refreshing taste along with sleek packaging will be in everybody's hands at style 360. The CEO of Karma Patrick Wilson states” I want to remind consumers that karma is a lifestyle. It’s about enjoying life, living in the moment and just having fun”. Described as “clean crisp and dry”, grapes are carefully selected from california vineyards located on the central coast and posses intense aromas with hints of melon and pear.

Retail sales of Karma will be sold individually $7.49 and 4-packs $29.96 in local shops as well finer liquor stores.

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