Friday, May 25, 2007

Youngblood Cosmetics

In the wide and competitive world of cosmetics women are assaulted with new products on a nearly daily basis, so with this overload sometimes it’s not that easy to decide what works for you.

We came across Youngblood cosmetics and from what we received as samples we like this cosmetics line very much.

Youngblood’s eyeliner pencil is soft and blendable for long lasting color and is designed to work with other Youngblood products. They offer this in three different colors, Chestnut, Slate and Black.

We like there Pressed Mineral eyeshadow quad palette’s not only for the different color choices they deliver but as well the compact design which is small and sleek and does not have that sometimes bulky design one finds with other products like this.

As for the line of lipsticks, there is more then enough to choose from, as well the formula is lanolin-free and has a mix of natural oils and Candelilla wax. Colors range from Rosewood, Brown Sugar and Sheer Passion just to name a few.

Youngblood’s line retails for under $20.00 for most products and can be found at medi-spas, Doctor’s office’s and there web site

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