Friday, May 25, 2007

Dolan Bullock new men's offerings

With mens fashion moving forward in a steady motion and the magazine industry following with new titles like Mens Vogue on the news stands, the bar for mens fashion has been raised to a new level.

One company who is answering the call for this new refinement in mens dressing is Dolan Bullock who has been is business for over seventy five years servicing men and there finishing needs.

The basis of the collection lies with the finishing details for modern and classic mens dressing. Watches, cufflinks, rings and bracelets make up the bulk of there line.

One of the nice aspect to Dolan Bullock is that they are a full custom shop and will do engraving on most of there pieces which come out of there production shop.

Touches like this make it quite easy to make custom engraved gifts for mens as well as women.

Dolan Bullock can be found in better jewlery shops across America.

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